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Emotional exhaustion. Depersonalization. Reduced Professional Accomplishment. It is clear that you are not feeling how you used to feel when you started this job. Your mood has tanked, your anxiety has skyrocketed, and your sleep is disrupted.

Burnout can affect not only healthcare providers, but educators, professionals, parents, students, and hard-working individuals as a result of too much for too long.


Depression can sneak into so many areas of your life, and it’s time to work with your mood to get you back home to yourself again . However your depression may affect you, I use evidence-based treatment for depression to help alleviate that dark could so that you can meaningfully engage with life again.


Anxiety, overwhelm, panic! Living with anxiety can have a negative impact on your quality of life and relationships. You may experience excessive worry, insomnia, indecision, have a lingering “uneasiness,” and feel constantly nervous, restless, and tense. However, the great news is that anxiety is super treatable!


You’re mentally done! Work, school, relationships, caring for others, deadlines, and just….life. You might feel fed up or mentally checked out. Or perhaps you feel that you are totally drowning in your professional and personal responsibilities.

Life Transitions

Life presents us with key turning points and sometimes, we need extra help and support in navigating the challenges life brings. Wether it is adjusting to a new career, struggling with self-doubt, relationship concerns, adjustment issues, or major life changes, it is important to have a variety of supports.


Emotions may not come so easily to some individuals. Maybe you were taught that only a few emotions were acceptable, and you never got to fully understand and appreciate all the others! Emotions can be a guide – they tell us when something is great, or when something may be off. By truly understanding your emotions and learning how to navigate them, you can have improved satisfaction in your life, your relationships, and can have a clearer understanding of who you truly are.


Boundaries. Assertiveness. Saying no to family and friends. So many individuals are seeking connection, yet find themselves in an ongoing struggle with integrating healthy boundaries and communication with their social and support network. Developing and fostering healthy relationships in your personal life can be quite the challenge: we are here to help.

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