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Mission Hill Psychology provides individual therapy through tele psychology to adults over the age of majority (18 in Alberta; 19 in British Columbia). 


Everyone struggles with some anxiety from time to time. However, living with an anxiety disorder is completely different. You may experience excessive worry, insomnia, indecision,​ have a lingering "uneasiness," and feel nervous, restless, and tense.  If this is the case, I can help you develop the skills and tools needed toward managing your anxiety and getting your life back in control.  


Despite your best efforts, ​getting up and out of bed can seem like a momentous task. Perhaps you find yourself spontaneously crying during the day, or lacking focus and concentration at work. However your depression may affect you, I use evidence-based treatment for depression to help alleviate that dark could so that you can meaningfully engage with life again. 


You're mentally done with work. Fed up, checked out. You try, but you feel you are drowning in your professional and personal responsibilities. A decreased sense of accomplishment, overwhelming emotional exhaustion, and reduced professional effectiveness are the three key pillars of occupational burnout. As a result of my gra​duate res​earch, I am well equipped with the knowledge to help you recover from burnout.

Life Transitions

Life presents us with key turning points and sometimes, we need extra help and support in navigating the challenges this brings, wether it is adjusting to a new relationship, transitioning into a new career, marriage, or retirement. During these ti​mes, it is important to have as much support as possible, and as a psychologist, I can walk alongside you in helping to manage the stress and provide the support you deserve. 

Dating and Relationships

Dating and relationships can be a challenge in 2022. So many individuals are seeking connection and a partner to share a healthy relationship with. Navigating the dating world can be overwhelming and daunting, and developing and fostering healthy relationships can sometimes be a challenge. I can assist in helping you understand yourself to a deeper level, including your relational goals and needs, and help you develop effective communication strategies to build closeness, safety and connection in your romantic and interpersonal relationships. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Living with PTSD can cause intrusion in your daily life and greatly inhibit your potential for growth and success. Persistent reminders of the traumatic event is replayed in your mind, sometimes ongoing for years. Despite your best efforts, your mind is unable to organize and heal from the trauma. As an EMDR trained clinician, I can help you reprocess the traumatic memories that are holding you back at home, work, with friends, and your community. 

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Maria Catherine Pungur-Farrell, M.C., Registered Psychologist

Member of the College of Alberta Psychologists

Member of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia 

Committed to utilizing evidence-based practice to optimize psychological wellbeing to help you achieve the height of your potential. 

Ph. 780-686-9684

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