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Therapy Services
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Life Transitions

Life presents us with key turning points and sometimes, we need extra help and support in navigating the challenges life brings.

Life transitions can be very rewarding, but they often come with unique challenges that are not necessarily easy or comfortable. Change usually comes with mixed emotions, stressful situations, and increase self-doubt. It’s normal to feel confused, overwhelmed, and anxious during times of change. whether it is a promotion or change at work, concerns related to aging, or challenges associated with family or friends, there are many positive and negative emotions that may feel overwhelming.

Some of the common transitions that people face include:

  • Remarriage
  • Divorce
  • Emptiness syndrome
  • Adjusting to a new career
  • Entering a new profession
  • Concerns about aging


Therapy can help you gain understanding and clarity in your situation and can help increase your self-confidence to help you feel a sense of purpose and direction in your life. It can help you unpack your experience, so you feel better equipped to face your challenges with a sense of conviction, purpose, and understanding.

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Whether it is adjusting to a new career, struggling with self-doubt, adjustment concerns, relationship concerns, or major life changes, it is important to have a variety of supports.

Mission Hill Psychology supports individuals who are struggling to cope with life transitions with empathy, understanding and compassion to help you face the difficulties of life.


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