Mission Hill Psychology 

Mission Hill Psychology was created to help you by providing evidence-based psychotherapy services and developing personalized tools to help you get the most out of life

We offer complimentary 15-minute phone consultations before booking services listed below. 


Depression sucks. Despite your best efforts, ​getting up and out of bed can seem like a momentous task. Perhaps you find yourself spontaneously crying during the day, or lacking focus and concentration at work. However your depression may affect you, it might be time to see a professional that will work right alongside you and your depression to guide you back to the other side. 


You're mentally done with work. Fed up, checked out. You try, but you feel you are drowning in your professional and personal responsibilities. A decreased sense of accomplishment, overwhelming emotional exhaustion, and reduced professional effectiveness are the three key pillars of occupational burnout. As a result of my gra​duate research, I am well equipped with the knowledge to help you recover from burnout. 


Everyone struggles with some anxiety from time to time. However, living with an anxiety disorder is completely different. You may experience excessive worry, insomnia, indecision, have a lingering "uneasiness," and feel nervous, restless, and tense.  If this is the case, it may be time to visit a psychologist to develop the skills and tools needed toward managing your anxiety and getting your life back in control. 


Living with PTSD can cause intrusion in your daily life and greatly inhibit your potential for growth and success. Persistent reminders of the traumatic event is replayed in your mind, sometimes ongoing for years. Despite your best efforts, your mind is unable to organize and heal from the trauma. As an EMDR trained clinician, I can help with this!


Living with addiction can be incredibly painful for the one afflicted and their family. Support is crucial for all parties involved. Getting to the root of what is fuelling your addiction and processing the underlying issues can break the cycle of addiction and set you free into the future that is meant to be yours. With my 4-year experience working in addiction recovery, I am ready to help you get back on track.

Relationship Issues  

Healthy relationships are a balance. Sometimes one gives more than the other, and then the other provides support. It is like a see saw - one gives, one receives. Issues can arise when one person puts way more effort in than the other; when there is an imbalance for too long. I can help you in determining the health of your relationship, identify specific relationship issues and build effective communication strategies that can help you rebuild your relationship with your significant other once again.