“If you haven’t been in that place before, it’s difficult to explain.”



Depression is a mood disorder characterized by low mood that differs from general sadness. It involves significant changes in mood that negatively impacts an individual’s ability to function in daily life. Relationships, work, and family life often suffer as a result, and pervasive feelings of sadness and emptiness often causes a person to withdraw.

Depression can affect someone’s quality and quantity of sleep, and can result in decreased “thinking power” and increase in physical complaints. Otherwise known as that looming, grey cloud, depression drains your energy and saps your motivation. You may feel exhausted, withdrawn and constantly fatigued. Even getting up and out of bed can seem like a momentous task!

Common Symptoms

Depressed mood, significant weight loss or gain, slowed thoughts and concentration; fatigue and loss of energy; loss of interest or pleasure in things that used to bring you joy; Irritability and frustration


Research has shown that talk therapy has been shown to be just as effective as medication in addressing mild and moderate depression. Therapy can help identify the core issues, negative beliefs, and behaviors that may be contributing to distress, teach healthy coping skills, and strategies for your “anti-depressant toolbox!” to help you feel better long-term!

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Depression can sneak into so many areas of your life, and it’s time to work with your mood to get you back home to yourself again . However your depression may affect you, I use evidence-based treatment for depression to help alleviate that dark could so that you can meaningfully engage with life again.