Nurses and Health Care Professionals

Nurse and healthcare-specific counselling for those with working within the provincial healthcare system. 

Healthcare workers often experience mental health concerns arising from stressful working conditions that are inherent within their professional roles. Healthcare professionals often place the well-being of others before themselves, and often neglect their emotional and mental wellbeing. On the surface, this dedication to patients may seem admirable. However, it can ultimately be harmful if it delays or prevents workers from getting the help that they need for their own health and well-being.

Challenges nurses and healthcare professionals face may include: 

Demanding physical work, including long shifts (12+ hours), disruption to sleep schedule due to inconsistent and unpredictable shifts

Exhaustion associated with required overtime

Unpredictable intensity of on-call work

Interpersonal conflict in the workplace with colleagues and employers

Extremely stressful and emotional situations in caring for their patients

Continual exposure to human suffering and witnessing death

Experiencing moral injuries 

Lack of meaningful support from non-medical professionals, such as family and friends, in the understanding of the realities of their job


For when you need support.

Mental health has always been an area of significant concern for the caregivers of our society. However, COVID-19 increased pre-existing levels of exhaustion, chronic fatigue, emotional and interpersonal strain, overwhelming stress, loss, and grief for healthcare workers. As a result, many healthcare professionals experience anxiety, depression, and some healthcare workers report symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder related to the pandemic. 

Nurses and healthcare professionals deserve support from mental health professionals that have an in-depth understanding of the realities of their personal and professional lives order to provide the best care possible to the caregivers of society.