"The most important factor in therapy is not the specific treatment approach - it is the professional relationship that lies between the two of us"

Maria Farrell
Owner of Mission Hill Psychology
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What Mission Hill Psychology Offers

Mission Hill Psychology is an online counselling practice that focuses on the treatment of adults (age 18+), serving those living in urban, rural or remote communities that otherwise may not have access to quality mental health services from a Registered Psychologist.

We are founded upon the values of integrity, openness, honesty, diligence, and genuine compassionate caring.

To determine if online counselling is a fit for you, please contact us for a free 15-minute counselling consultation.

What do psychologists do?

Psychologists are specialty trained and regulated mental health professionals. They adhere to strict ethical and professional standards to protect the public. Psychologists are trained to assess, diagnose and treat psychological conditions and behavioural outcomes resulting from mental health concerns.

A psychologist applies scientific knowledge in understanding how we think, feel and behave. Psychologists apply their knowledge to help others understand and change behaviour.

In a nutshell: The role of a psychologist is improve the overall quality of life of the patients they treat!

mission hill works with Adults age 18+ in Alberta

support for individuals struggling with


Attention is in the details, and the details must be 100%! Perfectionists give their full effort in the demands of life – whether it be personal or professional domains. Perfectionists demand a high standard of themselves – and often accept nothing less than this. Mission Hill Psychology provides counselling services to individual adults and has specialized interest in burnout syndrome.

People Pleasers

The ones that put others before themselves – those that love big, and give other people their all. Those that go above and beyond for others – but find that it is time that they need to pour a little more care into themselves.

Hard Workers

The ones that get up everyday and grind. Those who persevere, show up, work hard, and get the job done – whether that is being a full-time Mom or Dad, a university student, first responders, teachers and educators, or nurses and allied healthcare providers – we are here for when YOU need support.