Modalities – Solution Focused Therapy

“Even When It Is Not Fully Attained, We Become Better By Striving For A Higher Goal.”

– Viktor Frankl

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution focused therapy is a brief counselling approach that helps clients change by constructing solutions rather than focusing on problems. It is a short and goal-focused evidence-based therapy that incorporates insights for motivation, achievement, and sustaining desired behavioural change.

In solution-focused therapy, therapist and client engages in the process of change through identifying and exploring personal strengths and leveraging them to apply to develop solutions to your current problem areas.

Solution-focused therapy can help you get “unstuck” from the challenges you are immediately concerned with.

Solution Focused Therapy can help you actualize your potential in coping and conquering your struggles through integrating your inner strength and inherent capabilities.

Whether you are in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer or rural Alberta, solution-focused therapy can help you fully realize your own inner strength so you can integrate meaningful change into your life.


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