"Even when it is not fully attained, we become better by striving for a higher goal."
- Viktor Frankl
MISSION HILL BLOG: The Need to Slow Down
  • Published on: September 19, 2023

The Need to Slow Down
Published September 19, 2023
Slow down. Your mental health will thank you.

Do you often feel the constant need to keep yourself occupied? Is it challenging for you to release the grip on your to-do list and simply unwind?

The Never-Ending Cycle of Doing

Have you ever sensed the pressure to always ‘be the best version of yourself,’ be it at work or at home? If you’re reading this, it’s likely that your phone and media feeds are a big part of your life. Ironically, we often turn to our devices to relax, only to find that this speeds us up and leaves us feeling even more exhausted and depleted.

When we are in the cycle of “doing”, it gives us a short term sense of accomplishment and productivity. However, it can lead to an imbalanced and unhealthy way of living, as we miss the present moments that make up our life. The moments of laughter, noticing beauty and kindness, are lost in favour of our to-do list, and our need for more: Do more. Be more. Acquire more.

The pressure to perform can take a toll on your mental health. The problem with the achiever mindset (prioritizing achievement above all else), which is reinforced by the glorification of busyness, is the mistaken belief that by concentrating on the external markers of success, we will lead a fulfilling life. It’s a false promise that the sacrifices we make now will translate into future happiness. Consequently, we deprioritize what spontaneously brings us joy and crucial relationships, assuming we can enjoy those things after achieving our goals.

Distinguishing Productivity from Busyness

Productivity differs from busyness. Being busier doesn’t necessarily equate to being more productive.

In fact, during your busiest periods, that’s precisely when you should slow down. Slowing down and taking breaks allows your brain to rest, resulting in improved focus, efficiency, and outcomes. Productivity is more about having time for what truly matters. When things are in equilibrium, we can manage our daily responsibilities and feel like we have the time to relax, be in the moment, and relish life.

How can you decelerate and step off the never-ending cycle? How can you be more present, creative, and connected to those around you?

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Consider these strategies for slowing down:

Set up reminders for yourself to slow down—whether they’re post-it notes, phone alerts, or any method that suits you. Allocate time to do nothing or as little as possible, and practice simply existing. Notice how you feel in those moments.

  • Reduce your screen time.
  • Pick up a hobby you used to enjoy.
  • Read a book for pleasure.
  • Spend time outdoors or engage in nature – go for a walk alone or with a close friend.
  • Practice meditation or mindfulness.
  • Connect with a friend or family member
  • Plan a weekend date with your partner
  • Engage in physical activity, preferably in a natural setting.
  • Journal your thoughts and experiences.

Speeding through life means missing out on the present moment and the beauty it holds. Slowing down promotes mindfulness, enabling us to appreciate the little things, find gratitude in our lives, and cultivate a more positive outlook.Taking the time to reflect on our experiences and learn from them is essential for personal growth. Slowing down allows us to digest and integrate these lessons, leading to more profound self-awareness and continuous improvement. Furthermore, being present and attentive in our interactions is vital for nurturing relationships. It allows us to invest time and energy in meaningful conversations and connections with others, strengthening our bonds and fostering empathy and understanding.


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