Therapy approaches
Therapy approaches

Emotion Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT)

What is EFIT?

Emotion Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) is a counselling approach developed by Dr. Sue Johnson as a relational, attachment-based therapy that helps clients connect with themselves in a secure, gentle and guided way through healing past emotional pain. In emotion focused individual therapy, the therapist guides clients through key emotional experiences that define their sense of self and of others towards a new sense of connection and competence.

Originally developed for couples therapy, emotion focused individual therapy can Emotion Focused Individual Therapy helps individuals recognize the dominant emotions and patterns in their lives to uncover underlying needs and can help clients build inner resilience and strength towards more fulfilling relationships and enriched lives.

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What issues can EFIT help with?

How can EFIT help me?

Emotion focused therapy guides clients in processing their unmet emotional needs, reformulating a narrative about ones’ lived experience, fostering a healthy personal relationship with themselves, and support clients in maximizing their relational wellbeing with others.

Whether you are in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Vancouver, Kelowna, or rural Alberta or British Columbia, emotion focused individual therapy can help heal painful past emotional experiences and relationships so that you can meaningfully engage with yourself and others again.

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